Telzuit BioPatch Cardiac Monitoring System

Telzuit Announces New Patent Filing for Monitoring Device for Nursing Home / Assisted Living Facility Patients

ORLANDO, Fla. 2005 -- Telzuit Medical Technologies, Inc.has announced that the Company has filed for provisional patents with the US Patent & Trademark Office for a new monitoring device utilizing the Company's BioPatch platform. The new device, developed by the Company's Senior Vice President of Product Development, Michael Vosch, is intended for use in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The Company expects to have all of the necessary modifications made to its production model within a short period of time and be able to market the new product in 2006. In addition to providing basic biometric data on patients, the Company anticipates that it will also be able to detect if a patient has fallen. Once fully developed, by utilizing the BioPatch platform, the patient's data can be relayed to either a PDA or a PC enabling caregivers to monitor more patients with better efficiency.

Donald Sproat, CEO and President of Telzuit Medical Technologies, Inc. said, "Those of us with the Company are very excited about the possibility that our new technology will be available for use by assisted living and nursing home patients in 2006. With over 1.8 million nursing home beds and over 1.2 million assisted living facility beds already in existence in the United States, we expect our new device to have a real impact on the quality of care in each of these instances as we provide better tools for health care providers to use."

Telzuit's revolutionary heart monitoring system will combine, for the first time, an entirely wireless 12-lead EKG with 24-hour near real-time monitoring. The device replaces old technology in both Cardiac Holter Monitoring and Cardiac Event Monitoring by providing the patient with a reliable alternative to what is in the market currently, as well as providing the physician with more data than he/she would receive using those same devices. This is a state-of-the-art system that will provide physicians with the latest in mobile monitoring technology and security.

About Telzuit Medical Technologies, Inc.

Telzuit Medical Technologies, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary Telzuit Technologies, Inc. are dedicated to providing advanced mobile medicine for people worldwide. The first step in this mission will initially take the form of our state-of-the-art, FDA approved, Bio-Patch Wireless Heart Monitor. This is a full 12-lead, completely wireless, Holter monitor, which is new to the marketplace. Telzuit anticipates that the product will be available to patients and physicians during the 2005 calendar year.

Telzuit is also building its own dedicated intranet as a platform to handle several of the products it will be releasing, including its initial product, the Bio-Patch Wireless Heart Monitor. More information on Telzuit can be found on its website.


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