Mobile Resource Guide, Q3 2005

bcc Consulting has announced the release of its free bcc: Mobile Resource Guide, Q3 2005 on Friday, July 1st. In addition to up-to-date information on the 160+ companies who offer mobile solutions to the healthcare market, the Guide features a detailed segmentation of the "Charge Capture" space.

According to bcc: President, David Brooks, "Our goal with the Mobile Resource Guide has remained tightly focused on market education. We believe that by providing an intuitive framework and structure to the myriad companies and solutions in the market, we can help consumers of mobile health solutions make better informed decisions."

The Guide, which has been downloaded more than 31,000 times during the last year, also includes a listing of more than 125 free PDA applications that are available to clinical users. The Guide can be downloaded from here.

About bcc:

bcc: Consulting is a healthcare IT-focused strategy consulting firm. Through its publications, Going Mobile and bcc: Mobile Resource Guide, the Company has established itself as the most trusted source for objective and insightful analysis on the mobile health technology market. For more information, including additional publications and services, please visit

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